Hey Harry Potter nerds, have you heard?

Let me start out by telling you that I don’t judge you by being a Harry Potter nerd, in fact I happen to be one too.

If you haven’t heard about it yet- JK Rowling, the author of all of the Harry Potter books has announced that she has written a new book. You can learn all about it by clicking the link below. You can also pre order it there as well.




Inkspand 101

This is relatively unknown website that I stumbled across about a year ago.

The premise is simple, authors make the manuscripts of their books available to readers that have signed up with the website to read free of charge in exchange for a review of the book when you are done reading it.

Now, the big plus to this is that there are a selection of “promoted” books that the reader is paid $10 a piece for reading and reviewing.

In the past week, I have read three books and am reading the fourth right now. That’s $40 when I’m done with this book, for something I would of been doing anyway, reading. No its not going to make me rich. But $40 is $40.

When I have all $40 I will probably exchange the earnings (which are sent via PayPal) for a CVS or Wal-Mart gift card and use it for groceries.

I do not have a referral link for this website but if you follow the link below, it will take you to the website where you can get signed in and get started.


PaidViewpoint 101

Here’s yet another website that I n currently using to add to my online income. Its a survey site- but its different than any other survey site that I have ever used in two major ways.

Any surgery that you see a notification popup for on your PV dashboard you qualify for and will get credit for. (Seriously, how cool is that!) The second one is that the surveys are always kinda fun and they are short. Generally I get $0.10 cents for each one.

Payout is at $15 I do believe, payable to PayPal. I’m currently at just under $7, and haven’t reached a payout yet. But will update this when I have done so.

Another thing is, I generally get at least 1-2 surveys through them everyday.

If you like the way this sounds and would like to join me earning money over there, follow the link below.


MyLot 101

One of the other websites that I am a member of is mylot. I found this website after the writing website Bubblews went under. A little while back I learned that the other website I have been writing at has gone under too. So mylot has become the replacement for those websites.

Its pretty easy to use and you can jump in pretty much immediately after joining. You post “discussions”, and they can be about just about anything. You then can comment on other discussions or reply to comments on your own. All of these earn you money. And at $10.00 you can cash out to PayPal.

I made about $0.40 cents yesterday. So its not going to be a overnight getting rich website but with a little dedication you could probably earn a little extra each month.

If you’re wanting to join the fun 🎉 over at mylot, feel free to follow the link below and start posting and interacting with the community.


ChatAbout 101

I have always been someone who usually has to have more than one thing going on at once. TV and surfing the web, talking on the phone and writing. I do better when my mind is fully occupied. Several years ago this led me to websites where I learned that I can be earning a little extra spending money by doing small tasks or simply by chatting online.

One of these websites that I came across last year is what I want to talk to you about today. That is chat about.com. The website pretty much explains what it is. The website has different sections, which include “viral videos” , “images” and a wide range of random topics from other websites to foods. There is also a section where users can ask other users questions. Each time you post a comment, or answer a question- you earn a point. I believe you earn five for asking a question but you are limited to three questions each day.

When you reach 1,000 points you can cash out for a $5 Amazon or PayPal gift card (e gift card of course).

I know a thousand points sounds like a lot, but with minimal effort I earned about 170 points yesterday. If you set a goal on ChatAbout using the daily goal portion, and reach said goal you get I think a bonus of a tenth of what your goal was. For example yesterday my goal was 50 points, I reached it and got 5 bonus points.

If you are interested in joining the fun over at ChatAbout, feel free to follow my referral link which is between the parenthesis and start chatting. (http://chatabout.com/welcome/139858)